Rack & Pinion



Our rack and pinion kit is designed to replace traditional cross steering that utilizes original, or aftermarket steering boxes (such as Vega). Frames that have been modified or applications that we have not cataloged must be measured to assure proper fit and function.


Before starting the rack and pinion installation, examine your existing steering, to assure that your suspension was correct to begin with. Figure A and C show the drag link rods in their proper location. Note that each is parallel to the axle and to each other, and each is equal height from the ground. If these bars are not as pictured, steps should be taken to position the new mounting bracket so that they are as pictured.

The mounting bracket was developed using several chassis manufactures specifications, this does not mean that there arenít slight differences from one to the other. The bracket in our standard kit is made with a 96 degree angle between the frame and the axle. You should verify this dimension before installing the bracket (see figure B).


Before removing any components position the cars front wheels and steering wheel in the straight ahead position. Secure the wheel so it does not move (tying a rope to the wheel and fastening it to a stationary object). Measure the distance between the inside of the front wheel (back of the rim, half up from the ground) to the frame on both sides of the front end. Use these measurements as a reference when setting the toe for the new rack and pinion. Remove right side outer tie end (use a puller). Unbolt steering box, and remove it and the tie rod tube. Unscrew the outer tie rod end and retain it unless youíre replacing it.


The rack and pinion will be in its center position when it is purchased. A paint mark indicates this position. Bolt rack and bracket back in the same spot the old steering box was, or position the bracket in the desired location and attach to the rail by welding or bolting. Screw the outer tie rod and jam nut in the tie rod tube until it stops. Equally adjust the tie rod tube so that there is the same amount of threads showing on both the inner and outer end, and the outer end stud is in line with the steering arm hole. Insert the outer tie rod in the steering arm and torque castle nut to normal specifications.

Check toe measurement taken earlier. If measurement is different adjust tie rod tube until it is the same as earlier. Locktite and tighten both jam nuts.



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