Read and understand these instructions before starting any work


Do not paint or powder coat front clip till you check fit on the body first, not all
Camaro bodies are exactly the same and if adjustments need to be made, you will
want to do that before you do any painting or powder coating. This clip is made to be installed without the factory rubber body bushings, it bolts directly to the car without using any bushings. The original core support bushings are the only bushings that will be reused.

1. Begin installation by jacking the car up and supporting it on sturdy jack stands. The stands must be located just behind the firewall on the flat side. Do not support the car from the front sub-frame. It is not necessary to remove the front fenders, inner fenders and grill, this clip should fit with very little if any clearance issues. Disconnect the steering and transmission linkage and remove the radiator, engine and transmission. The factory brake lines on the front will have to be remade to fit your new clip and you should be able to reuse the rear hard lines from the cowl back. Now unbolt and remove the factory sub-frame making note to where the original sub-frame is mounted. The original steering column will not work with the TCI front clip and an ididit (67-69 Camaro application) column must be used. None of the factory steering system will be reused. You will need to purchase two universal steering joints and a steering shaft to hook your steering back up. This is a good time to give the engine compartment a good cleaning and detailing, as there should be nothing more attached to it.
Alignment Spec.
Manual Rack & Pinion: Caster +3 degrees .05degrees
Power Rack & Pinion: Caster +5degrees .05degrees
Camber -1/4degrees .05degrees
Toe-In +1/32

2. Prep the firewall mounting surface edge on the firewall side should be ground smooth according to Photo 1a. Grind off edge flange so that the TCI clip will be mounted flush to the firewall. (Photo 2a,b,c)
Photo 2a
Photo 2b

Photo 2c
3. Start the installation of the new sub-frame by raising it up into the original mounting position. A floor-jack will helpful here. Line up the holes in the firewall and the far rear mounting point and fasten it using the new supplied bolts, lock washer and flat washer (Qty. 4 5/8-11 x2 Gr. 8 Hex Head) Using a 15/16 shallow socket. Do not tighten up the bolts at this time until all mounting bolts have been started then tighten and secure to the body. (Photo 3a,b,c,d,e)
Photo 3a
Photo 3b
Drill 3/8 hole (Photo 3b) through the firewall using the mounting bracket as a guide.
Make sure that all four of major mounting bolts are tight first.
. Then fasten it with the supplied 3/8-24 X1 Button Head Bolt (Photo 3c)
Photo 3c

Next, drill (2 holes per side) through the floorboard (Photo 3d) located between the firewall mounting point and the rear-most mounting point using a 5/16 drill bit.
Photo 3d
Photo 3e
Fasten by using a 5/16-24 x1 Button Head Bolts with head of the bolt inside the car.

Photo 4a
4. Continue with the front suspension component installation. First, install the lower control a-arm shaft with Acorn nut towards the front of the car into lower A-arm and though the cross-member, the washers go on each side of the bushings. Complete assembly by tightening the 5/8 Full Nyloc Nut.(Photo 4a,b)
Photo 4b
Insert the control arm bolt from the front to the rear; place the supplied flat washer between each side of the polyurethane bushing.
5. Next install the upper control arm into position. (Photo 5a,b,c)
Photo 5a
Install the upper control arm into position using the supplied 9/16-18 x2 1/4 Button
Head Bolts. Space out the upper A-arm using the supplied 9/16 flat washers between
control arm and the clip. Use 3 flat washers on each bolt, this should be a good start to get to the alignment shop.
Photo 5b
Photo 5c
Complete installation by tightening the supplied 9/16-18 Full Height Nyloc Nut.
6. Install the shock to the upper and lower shock mount. (Photo 6a,b)
Photo 6a

Next, install the shock into position making sure that the adjustment dial is at the bottom and towards the rear of the vehicle. On the upper mounting point use the supplied
-20 x 13/4 Button Head Bolt and 1/2-20 Half Height Nyloc Nut and on the lower you will use the 33/4 shoulder bolt and spacer pointed towards front of the car. (Photo 6b)
Photo 6b
7. After the shock is mounted assemble the spindle assembly into position, making sure that the steering arm is pointing towards the front of the vehicle and that the brake caliper is mounted towards the rear of the vehicle. (Photo 7a)
Photo 7a
8. Before installing the rack and pinion into position make sure that the rack is centered (turn the splined shaft to full lock counting how many turns from lock to lock and divide the number by 2 then turn back half the distance).
Photo 8a
Next pre-assemble the rack and pinion (Photo 8a)
Photo 8b
Install the rack & pinion assembly using the two 5/8 in. bolts, washers and lock nuts supplied. On power rack and pinions units the 5/8 thick spacer goes between the rack brackets on the cross member and the rack. Install the tie rod ends onto the rack and into the spindle steering arms. (Estimate the alignment at this point).
9.Install the front Anti-Roll Bar into position using the supplied polyurethane and saddle mount Fasten Anti-Roll Bar saddle mount using the supplied 3/8-16 x1 Hex Head Bolt; 3/8 Lock & Flat Washer. Photo 9a
Photo 9a
Making sure that the step center section of the Anti-Roll Bar is down (to clear engine pulley)
Photo 9b

Complete installation by fastening the upper 1/2 Rod End from the lower shock mount bolt to the end of the Anti-Roll Bar (Photo 9c) with supplied 1/2-20 x1 1/2 Button Head Bolt.
Photo 9c

10. The TCI Camaro clip comes with an adjustable transmission cross-member to accommodate different types of Chevy transmissions. Fasten with the supplied 3/8-16 x1 Gr. 8 Hex Head Bolt and 3/8 Full Height Nyloc Nut. (Photo 10a,b)
Photo 10a
Photo 10b
11. Mount the Emergency brake cable bracket on the driver side with the same mounting point as the transmission cross-member. (Photo 11a,b)
Photo 11a
Photo 11b
12. Make sure all fasteners are tightened to the recommended torque spec. Photo 12 shows the completed assembly of the TCI front suspension.
Photo 12

Fender Panel Cover

The stock inner fender does not have hole, clamp panels into position fitting the notch over the upper shock mounts drill 7 holes that are spaced evenly using a 3/16 drill bit. Fasten with the supplied 8/32 bolts nuts and washer.
View from engine compartment Passenger Side
View from fender well Passenger Side


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